How to Apply

How to Apply

Navigating your way to becoming a part of the YPT ACE program is straightforward and designed with your convenience in mind. Follow these steps to embark on a journey filled with educational opportunities, cultural enrichment, and personal growth.

Step 1: Register or Login

Begin your ACE experience by filling in the ACE Registration Form to create your account. This initial step is your gateway to accessing a multitude of services tailored specifically for Native American students. Whether you're new to ACE or returning for more, your journey starts here.

Please circle items on the Interests survey that you think would be amazing to learn; ACE is student driven, meaning we pay attention to the things that are important to you and this survey lets us know how we can best serve you by finding Service Providers to teach you.

Step 2: Enroll - Upload ID & Packet

After registration, it's time to officially enroll in the program. Complete the Enrollment Packet -LCSD Consent form and YPT Education Dept Photo Release. Along with these forms, upload a copy of your tribal ID or certificate of enrollment in a federally recognized tribe. This documentation is crucial for verifying your eligibility and ensuring you get access to the resources and support designed for you.

Step 3: Wait for Confirmation & Approval

Patience is key in this step. After submitting your enrollment packet and ID, our team will review your documents to ensure everything is in order. This process is vital for maintaining the integrity and exclusivity of the program. Await system confirmation of your application's receipt and subsequent approval notification. Rest assured, we are committed to reviewing your application promptly and getting you started on your ACE journey as soon as possible.

Step 4: Sign Up for Services

With approval in hand, you are now ready to dive into the heart of the ACE program. Choose services that align with your interests, needs, and academic goals. Complete signup forms for each service you select, ranging from tutoring and cultural programs to educational supplies and extracurricular activity assistance. This step is where your educational journey truly becomes customized to your unique path.