Culture Group


ACE supports regalia making for powwow dancing and offers beadworking classes to learn from flat to lazy stitch beading, starting with simple projects.


Girls Powwow Dance

Service Provider: Tashina Jim

ACE enrolled girls will have the option to learn Jingle Dress, Fancy, or Traditional style powwow dance. Students will learn the etiquette of the powwow circle and how to present their chosen style, and how to dress in their regalia and care for it.


Beadworking Instruction

Service Provider: Fawn Bolton

The purpose of this class is to learn the basics of beading, from flat stitch to lazy stitch. We will start on a simple project such as earrings or a keychain to get the technique down. Once that is complete, we will move on to another project such as beaded cuffs, headband, or hair ties.


Regalia Making

Service Provider: ACE Coordinator

ACE can pay for regalia to be created so that students can participate in powwow dancing.

Please contact the Education Director to enroll in this service or to become a Service Provider.