Culture Program

Plants as Relatives – 9th to 12th grades
This service provides instruction in plant identification and properties and connecting to the land. Students will be given the supplies and instruction necessary in traditional medicine making.

Boarding School Module – All ACE enrolled students
This program will focus on the history of the Native American boarding schools and their impact on the tribal people. Students will visit the Stewart Indian School and Museum in Carson City.

Powwow Dance – ACE enrolled girls
Girls will have the option to learn Jingle Dress, Fancy, or Traditional style powwow dance. Students will learn the etiquette of the powwow circle and how to present their chosen style, and how to dress in their regalia and care for it.

Storytelling and Production – ACE students 11th-12th grades
This service teaches students how to tell their own story as a native person, through the media of film, how to be their own spokesperson, and how to present their ideas concisely, taking away skills in public speaking and creating an impact. Students will learn video and photography skills, and how to cover a story and conduct interviews.

Culture Program – All ACE enrolled students
This program provides five unique services:

  1. Traditional fishing
    Students will participate in three all-day fishing trips to local venues. They will receive all necessary gear, including poles, and will be instructed in the use and care of each. Each trip will conclude with learning to clean the catch, and all will share in a fish fry.
  2. Flintknapping
    Open to students in 8th to 12th grade, this class teaches the art of arrowhead making via percussion and pressure flaking techniques using both contemporary and traditional tools, which students will also learn to craft.
  3. String making
    Students will learn the traditional method of making string from the Indian hemp plant. The string can be used in conjunction with the student’s arrowhead to create a choker.
  4. Gods’ eyes
    Students will learn the weaving technique to making Gods Eyes, and the meaning behind them.
  5. Singing
    Students will learn four prayer songs which can be used in ceremonies and carried in life.