String Making


Students will learn the traditional method of making string from the Indian hemp plant. The string can be used in conjunction with the student’s arrowhead to create a choker.

The purpose of this class is to teach our young people the importance of self- reliance and understanding the usefulness of our native plants. Possessing string is a basic survival tool and the participants will gain the knowledge of how to create their own string from the Indian Hemp plant, which can then be used for many functions. I will specifically teach them how to make a choker or a bracelet from their string, or they can make a different item once they understand the technique to create the string.

We will meet 3 times for 2-hour classes, in Bernie Giron Park, weather permitting, or the YPT Education building. Students will provide their own transportation to the class location.

I will provide all necessary supplies, snacks and drinks.


Service provided by: Delmar Stevens