The Paiute Language Class

An interactive cultural program presented via a partnership of the Lyon County School District and the Yerington Paiute Tribe, to the students of Yerington Intermediate and High Schools.

About the Instructor

We are happy to introduce you to instructor Esha Hoferer, who is fluent in the Paiute language and well versed in the culture and traditions of the Northern Paiute tribes of Nevada.

Course Objectives

Students in this class will learn to read, write, and speak the Northern Paiute language, with the hope that they bring the knowledge home to their family circles and become teachers in their own tribal communities. By studying the language, students will come to understand its key role in maintaining the vital connection to history and the living culture of the Northern Paiute people.

Curriculum and Engagement

The curriculum uses a multi-faceted approach to capture the student’s attention by engaging them in cultural activities of the Northern Paiute Tribes of Nevada, including field trips and traditional games. By learning the language, students will become familiar with the traditional stories, songs, animal lore, and the use of plants for food and medicinal purposes.

Registration and Eligibility

Students must register for the class with school advisors/counselors each semester.

  • Location: Yerington Intermediate School & Yerington High School
  • Eligibility: ACE Enrolled 5th-12th Grade students (limit 50 students)

Contact Information

Contact: Esha Hoferer with any questions.