Plants as Relatives

Class Objective

The goal of this class is to teach our young people how to connect to the land and our plant relatives in a good way and to increase their self-reliance. I will accomplish this by teaching plant identification on the reservation and their uses, both medicinal and as a food source. The students will gain an understanding of the techniques for making plant remedies and how to apply them.

Workshop Schedule

I have planned three workshops. They will each be 3 hours long; two will be held at my facility in Reno and the final class will be a walk on the reservation and adjacent areas to identify local useful plants. Transportation to Reno will be provided by the YPT Education Department. Students will arrange their own transport to the YPT reservation.

Workshop Materials

Each student will receive a kit of ingredients for making plant medicines. I will provide information handouts, and snacks and drinks for each workshop.


Please fill out the following and return this form to Ms. Davis at or to ACE staff at YPT Education Department.