Explore the comprehensive support provided by the YPT ACE Program, which equips students with a wide array of educational supplies and resources necessary for their academic and extracurricular pursuits. From basic school supplies to advanced tech gadgets, and even specialized support for sports and transportation, the ACE Program is designed to foster the educational growth of students from 5th to 12th grade within a structured budget. Whether it’s gearing up for the school year or engaging in sports, the ACE Program is committed to enhancing the educational experience for every student it serves.


Extracurricular Activity Assistance

Service Provider: ACE Staff

The ACE Program can assist students with the purchase of material, supplies or equipment needed for extracurricular activities which do not fit within the guidelines of the Sports Pack Plus or Educational Supplies Programs.  

Items may include but are not limited to school fees, band equipment, shop supplies, lab fees, woodworking supplies, and art class supplies. We can also help with items for color guard, dance, cheer, and other clubs.

Students must submit verification of enrollment in an extracurricular class to qualify for this service.

Student Budget: Up to $500 per school year

Eligible Students: 5th-12th Grade

Please contact the ACE Assistant to enroll in this service.

Education Supplies

Service Provider: ACE Staff

The YPT ACE Program can provide educational supplies that are reasonable and necessary to assist in furthering student education.

We Can Provide:

  • Supplies: Such as a calculator, binders, pens, and paper.
  • Gear: Such as backpacks and pencil cases.
  • Learning Systems: Such as Rosetta Stone for languages and SAT prep.
  • Tech: Such as a laptop, tablet, printer, and accessories.

Student Budget

  • 5th-7th grade: Up to $1,000 per school year/max of 50 students.
  • 8th-10th grade: Up to $1,500 per school year/max of 50 students.
  • 11th-12th grade: Up to $2,000 per school year/max of 40 students.

Important Information

The ACE grant program operates on a fiscal year of October 1 through September 30. This means that Seniors remain eligible for services to the end of September after they graduate. Incoming 5th graders are not eligible for services until October 1, so please use the month of September to get your wish lists ready.

Please contact the ACE Assistant to enroll in this service.

Sports Supplies

Service Provider: ACE Staff

All ACE enrolled students. This program will assist in paying for the fees, equipment, and attire necessary to participate in any sport, including but not limited to shoes, pads, braces, practice wear, gloves, bats, balls, cleats, etc. The expectation is that students who participate in school sports are motivated to keep their grades up. Funding per year: $1,000 for each student.

Please contact the ACE Assistant to enroll in this service.