College Tours, College and Career Coach

College & Career Coach (CCC)

CCC will provide students, parents, teachers, and support staff with information and resources to support college and career pathway education, access, and planning.

CCC Meetings

One-on-one 1 hour *virtual meeting monthly with students and parents to develop goal setting, college and career portfolio, and discuss academic and personal milestones.

FAFSA Workshops

CCC will host two Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) workshops in collaboration with financial aid service representatives to walk through the FAFSA application, and overall federal financial aid opportunities.

ACT and SAT Preparation

CCC will work with students who are studying for the ACT and SAT tests in consideration for admission to various programs of study. This service includes all practice materials and course enrollment fees.

Student Study Skills and Testing

CCC will provide additional support and access to virtual platforms to assist in test preparation, access to digital resources, hard copy materials, and strengthening study skills. Includes testing fees.

Scholarship Workshops

CCC will host two college scholarship workshops to review the application process, provide essay writing tips, tracking tools, and advice for maintaining scholarship awards.

Transitioning to College/Career

CCC will host individualized sessions working with students and families to focus on the summer before college/career program and the first year to ensure a successful transition. You will learn how to develop a strong and healthy foundation of cultural identity, support network, and financial management.

Eligible Students

11th-12th Grade (Limit 15 Senior Priority)


Saundra Mitrovich, College and Career Coach
Phone: (580) 704-6300